Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Seriousaurus and Friends

The 80s were a strange time, filled with magical bears that shot happiness beams from their guts, children that grew in cabbage fields and yet were not feared as Village of the Damned style spawn of evil, and... Novelty sweaters? Oh, and I was born somewhere in there too. Let's take a moment to celebrate the decade with a few of its craft pattern offerings.

First up we have a Funshine Bear plushie pattern from 1983. Emma had a store bought one of these back when we were little. She loved that bear. I thought it watched me sleep during slumber parties, but I was somewhat suspicious of all glass-eyed toys.

According to the back of the envelope, you should end up with a little guy that looks something like this:

Not bad for fun fur, craft felt, and just a pinch of wanting to eat you.

Next up is a series of Cabbage Patch Kids Christmas tree ornaments from 1985. Because I know when I think of Christmas, I think of a tree filled with tiny effigies of terrifying vegetable children. Just wouldn't be festive without 'em.

And hey, you can always tie them to your bike basket or neck to keep the festivities going year-round.

Lastly, we have my personal favourite, the great Seriousaur of 1988. Forced to forever dwell on a sweater, he still manages to keep things cool. How do we know he's serious?

His glasses of course! Sadly there are no books on the sweater. But he had time now! Time for reading!

Poor Seriousaur. Someone needs to duplicate stitch some novels in there for him.


Camelia Crinoline said...

The 80s was a pretty terrible fashion era but at least we can look back and laugh.

Madelaine said...

I dunno... I'm having the worst time trying to talk myself out of knitting a Seriousaurus sweater. With the little back plates all along the arm. I'm pretty sure I had a kids' version of it back in the day.