Friday, February 3, 2012

Vintage Smiles

What attracts me the most to vintage is the evidence of previous owners. With patterns that usually means cut and altered tissue, someone's name carefully penned onto an envelope, or a discarded sleeve tucked away with its pattern piece. And a plethora of old rusted pins. Sharp ones. I love these little connections to past seamstresses, hoard vials of said pins and fabric scraps, and scan each little bit of writing before I can let them go. These are all fairly regular finds, but sometimes a pattern has particularly wonderful secrets tucked inside.

I was planning on letting this Simplicity blouse pattern from 1951 go off into the shop as part of my destash plan. When I pulled out the envelope's contents, I was surprised to find a card backing with it. I flipped it over, expecting a mail-in request for a pattern catalogue, and instead found this: 

I love these ladies and their big, wide grins. A nursing school graduation portrait maybe. Although the pattern was never used, it looks very similar to the blouses in the photo.

It's hard not to wonder about the woman this pattern and photo belonged to. Are any of these faces hers? Maybe a sister or cousin? Why did she never make up the blouse? Did she miss the photo, or perhaps had another copy framed on her wall?

I'll never get to know the answers, but I'm glad for the chance to wonder.

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Camelia Crinoline said...

I love that sort of thing too. It's so much fun deciphering little notes that the previous owner has written on a pattern. That's a great photo. They all look so happy.