Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Vintage Crochet Distraction Time

The crafting hiatus continues as I realize my studio is a non-functional disaster and needs to be sorted out right now. There was a toddler style foot stomp somewhere in there. There's also a few other doings requiring tons of time in the next two weeks, including everyone I know who ever left Toronto coming back for reading week. I kind of wish schools would stagger their reading weeks just so I could actually see everyone I wanted to without my head exploding. 

So without much to show you fine folks on the creation end of things, I've scanned a great 1945 bag pattern for your enjoyment. It's from Clark's Book No. 219, which I found one hot summer afternoon in a little store on College street that is open for 6 non-consecutive hours every week, over the span of about three also non-consecutive days. It is seriously odd. Much like this booklet, which features a film noire style glamour shot for every design. This is option 2711:

Doesn't she look like she's about to pull a revolver out of her purse? I think it would be adorable done up in some straw-like fibre as a summer bag, either in a tan or a bright yellow. I know I've seen bags like that on my thrifting journeys, and in the closets of my some of my lovely older lady relatives, but is yarn like that still available? Maybe some hemp or craft twine would do the trick. I think that circle on the front is a set-in change purse, which is all kinds of fantastic.

If you click on the pattern image you'll get a bigger version. I haven't actually attempted this pattern, so I can't vouch for its correctness/clarity/lack-of-insanity-causing, but if you end up stitching it, I'd love to see.

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