Sunday, November 18, 2012

ChoreoKAL Geysir Stretch

I joined Stephen West's ChoreoKAL after seeing Roo's post on it, and I'm having a pretty great time so far. The first pattern is the Geysir Stretch, a striped shawl/scarf, and we were supposed to base our yarn choices on our surroundings. This being Toronto, I went with the avalanche of rotting leaves we're currently buried under.

The yarns are Diamond Yarn Galway in 8920, Malabrigo Rios in an unknown colourway, and some Americo merino in a burgundy. The colours are a little truer in the next photo. My camera doesn't seem to like the orange tones in the first yarn.

This is a conversation friendly knit. In that I can still have one while working on it. It's also been a fabulous too-sick-to-go-outside project. I hate head colds. 

We're on day 3 of the KAL, and I'm hoping to get the stripe section done tonight. Wish me luck!

Monday, November 12, 2012

I'm Not Dead

Really! I have been super busy though. With what, you ask? Well...

There was some painting

And the painting led to some shows.

And then I got an awesome chance to do a residency at Spark Box Studios, the most amazing place ever. This was my studio space during my stay. The rooms are super adorable/comfy. And Chrissy and Kyle are the nicest folks around. I loved it. Can you tell?

Now I'm doing my best to get into grad school, writing away, and choosing and documenting my best pieces. It's a ton of work, but I'm feeling pretty good about it this time around.

There's also been some sewing and frantic Christmas knitting occurring. The countdown for crafty presents has begun!