Saturday, February 25, 2012

Finished Shawls! Also, Post #100!

Citron: a project for process knitters. I am not a process knitter.

I finally finished my Citron Thursday night, after 10 months of working on and off. You may remember me casting on way back in April. I blocked it that night expecting to take pictures Friday morning, but was thwarted by giant piles of slush falling from the sky. Seriously weather, what gives? I managed to sneak out this morning for some icy cold, housecoat clad photos. 

I'm trying to pay more attention to the photos I take for this blog, and I did a few things better here, like daytime shooting with natural light. What I didn't take into account was the vertiginous effect of all those intersecting lines, the wind, and that the charming decrepit state of the old gate would actually cause it to begin falling apart while I was shooting. Learning's what's important, right?

A Christmas deadline miracle. 
I finished this Oana shawl back in December, actually managing to get it to my mother on time for Christmas. I may have blocked it Christmas day in the early hours of the morning with the aid of a hair dryer, but it still counts. I love this pattern. Particularly the way it seems almost inside out, with the plain garter edging and lacy centre panel. Plain centres are one of my pet peeves with shawls, though I still plan to make a gazillion more Ishbels.

I also finished a long over-due Turban-ite for a friend of mine. The unbelievably sheddy angora is still drying after a soak in some lavender Eucalan, so photos have to wait. I'm also thinking of giving the model head a coat of non-neon paint...

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