Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fall Plans

Everyone seems to be right in the thick of fall sewing/knitting. Toronto's in the midst of a second kick at summer, after a terribly chilly week, so I've been having a bit of trouble getting into the swing of it. Pinterest came to the rescue and helped me sort out a plan. A few garments are longer term projects, like finishing up the grey tweed version of this great sweater designed by Mari Lynn Patrick from Vogue Knitting Winter 2010/2011 which I cast on back in February.

Others are new projects I've been meaning to get to forever, like whipping up a Colette Beignet, either in some recycled floral corduroy or some bird print canvas from Ikea.

What about you? What are you stitching up for the chilly months ahead (or behind, depending on your hemisphere)?

And happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Flying Geese Progress

Slowly but surely all the little geese are finding their flocks. The three blocks on the left are completely sewn and all the others are in rows that need to be joined into blocks. Not all of my seams were as accurate as they could have been and it's making piecing... interesting. By which I mean I may start throwing things. Skills to work on I guess.

I don't really care that it's a bit wonky, this is definitely going to be a quilt that makes me smile.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Day at the Market

Fall blew in to Toronto last night. I woke up to a chilly house and a less than 10 degree city. Ouch! Luckily one of my favourite days of the year, the Aberfoyle Antique Market's special Saturday market, was last week. It was a bright sunny day instead of the rain called for, and Emma and her parents made a great road trip of it. It's fun knowing other people who love the market. It's even more fun when they bring you along in their car (thanks guys!).

It's a bit of an epic journey to get to the market, but always worth it. This time I was conservative with my shopping, picking up a great vintage table cloth, some green glass buttons with gold mirroring, and a bit of fabric labled as a feedsack, but I'm not so sure. Does anyone know what to look for to tell? Not that it matters, I just liked the print. Right as we were heading back to the car I spotted a booth with jewellery that had a little gold tone locket pin. I have about 5 of these and wear them constantly. I opened it up and inside were this lovely couple.

Aren't they great? I know some people find pieces like this sad, since they've been abandoned, but I always have a special fondness for them. I like the idea that someone is still holding on to them, even if it's a stranger. Remembrance through objects... Or I just spent too long at art school. Either way.

I also got a couple of Vogue Knittings from the 60s, and with my magic powers of duplicate purchasing, came home with one I already had. Keep your eyes open for a giveaway with it in the next week or so. The little blue buttons were free with the pin and some pieces I picked up for my mom. Can't argue with that.