Monday, January 30, 2012


I hurt my big toe Saturday night. Not enough to need crutches, but enough that I'm hobbling around trying not to put any weight on it. I feel a bit ridiculous and I'm staying pretty close to home until it heals up some more. So tonight, instead of board games with friends and other fun things, I'm staying home to do work.


I'm carving some small blocks out of pink Speedball Speedy-Carve. This stuff basically makes stamps, and is no good for printing on a press. What I'm finding it is good for is printing onto wooden panels using dye based ink. These big keys are destined to be part of bigger panels like the one below.

This one's called 15 Keys, and is up with Elephant Shoes along with four friends. They're all 6 x 6". I'm hoping to get the bigger 10 x 10" and 12 x 12" ones up this week.

Don't forget to enter the Fly Button Giveaway, there's time until Friday night. 

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