Friday, June 22, 2012

10 Word Book Review: The School

The idea behind this is a review I could tell someone in less than 5 seconds if the need arises. That and it might actually help me remember what I've read?

 The School by T.M. Wright: Boundaries between life and death crumble. Better than its cover.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

First Finished Quilt!

There was going to be a photo shoot. Possibly involving the amazingly decrepit pear tree in the back yard. With close ups of the stitching and the neat little corners (mitered!) But... Then it reached 30 degrees inside my apartment, worse outside, and the A/C died. So I bundled the quilt off to a nearby air conditioned cafe and chilled (literally) until it was time to deliver it to it's new recipient.  

Here it is in it's new home, on the end of little Madelaine's bed (though not where she sleeps). The front is made of 4 nine patch blocks, each square is 5" finished for a 30" square quilt. I hand stitched in pink Cosmo embroidery thread just inside the edge of each square. The fabrics are flannels from Anna Maria Horner's LouLou Flannel line, except for the wavy gold fabric which I think is Little Folks. The binding is a cute blue bird flannel by Valori Wells. I like how they're just hanging out on the edge of the quilt.

The back is some cupcake flannel I picked up at the Fabricland. Because everyone loves cupcakes. 

My other excitement yesterday was when this bundle showed up in the mail. I won 2.2m of this gorgeous silk from the Tessuti gals last week, and they zipped it all the way to Toronto from Sydney. I'm thinking about what to make, but a Gabby dress would be pretty perfect (they sent enough to make any size in either length). I'm still working on getting the fit just right, with the massive fba I need, but hopefully soon you'll see me rocking some silk tulips. This has got to be the nicest fabric I've ever gotten to pet. Tessuti has also made their fabulous New York Cape pattern available as a download which is first on my list for fall sewing. Thanks, ladies!   

Saturday, June 2, 2012

This was going to be a post about pie...

This pie. It's a pretty excellent recipe. I halved the sugar and used unrefined raw sugar instead of white, so mine was a little more golden brown than white. And full of strawberries to go with the rhubarb. It was lovely. 

Then I lost my camera. So no pie pictures. It's got to be around the house somewhere, so when I find it, you'd better believe there's gonna be pie. In photo form at least.

Until then, here's a cool vintage pattern to look at. I love the back wrap on this one. The ric rac trim is also pretty great. I really want to figure out how to incorporate it into some of my sewing projects without things getting too over the top.

Also, because it's the weekend and I felt like it, everything's 15% off in my shop with the code 15OFFSALE

Next week we hopefully return to your regularly scheduled blog updates. Have a great weekend, everyone!