Sunday, February 5, 2012

January Round Up

Like many of you, I'm trying to focus my crafting this year on reducing the stash and dealing with the mountain of half done projects in my life. With that in mind I'm starting a monthly round up, tallying how many yards/grams/UFOs are in  and out. I'm counting anything I've started this year but left dormant for longer than a week as a new UFO.

January was a bit of a bust with the grand total at 2yds of fabric out, used on my Tulip Skirt. None came in, but I did buy some wool felt for a craft project. I'm going with that not counting. So...

January: -2 yards fabric                 Year to Date: Same
               0  grams yarn                                     Same
               0 UFOs completed                              Same

Here's to hoping February is a bit more productive. Right now I'm knitting away on the last few rows of my long-ignored Citron.

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Lois said...

This is something I definitely need to do. I have a huge stash of different yarns, and each time I pass a yarn shop (or get paid) I go and buy more! I'm running out of room to put it all - there's yarn all over the place.