Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Butterick 6204

I know... Nothing for over a month, and then blammo! Two posts in one day!

I just made my first ever page for the vintage pattern wiki, and I'm a little giddy. I found this pattern in a local shop, and when I went to look it up, I couldn't find anything on it. That might just be my research skills, so I was wondering if anyone knows anything about Butterick 6204? It's the girls' version of the famous walkaway dress. The wiki page is here.


Sarah said...

I have this one -- a bigger size though, so I haven't made it up yet (my daughters another year or two away from it). I don't think there's much to know -- it's the girl's version, came out the same year, and you'll notice that they even used the same fabric combinations (although they replaced the black with blue). Mother daughter fashions were common in the 40s and 50s, and all the pattern companies made them. Are you going to make it up for someone? I think it would be so cute!

Madelaine said...

Thanks, Sarah. I was mostly wondering if it came out at the same time or later. I'm also curious if it was as popular as the adult version? The mother/daughter patterns are just so interesting. I love the mini styling they did.

I'm hoping my cousin's daughter would be up for a summer version, but I'll have to think of a button alternative for the waist closure. She's not so good with them.

Sarah said...

I doubt it was, since I haven't seen girl's versions of any of the re-releases or other versions. I love mother-daughter patterns, my daughter is always asking me to make them -- but so far I haven't. I better hurry up before she's too old for it!

I would suggest putting ties on the dress - there is actually a version of the walkaway that ties so it would still be authentic! (And there is a modern pattern that works the same way, the Anna from Farbenmix, my daughter has worn several versions of it over the years). In fact, the success of the Anna is what led me to start looking for 6204!

Madelaine said...

Ties are a great idea, thanks Sarah!

Rach Morley said...

Hi, I don't suppose you still have this pattern and would be willing to sell it ?

Rach xx