Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I've started to destash some of my vintage patterns over at my etsy store. I'm trying to be honest about things not in my size, not to my taste, or that I have multiples of from different companies. A perfect example is this 40's suit. I was originally drawn in by the cute illustration, and I love that first girl's giving the Victory V. Buuuut I already had this pattern in my stash:

They are a little different, but both patterns have that great 40's cut, with a tailored jacket and gored A-line skirt. The first pattern is a 34 bust, which I am decidedly not, and the second is a 40 bust, which after a large fba is my size. I also have a big soft spot for patterns not from the big 4. So I kept the second one and listed the first. Although I may need to alter it so I can add those soutache accented pockets the first pattern has. So cute!

I'm going to be listing a lot of patterns in the next few weeks, especially half sizes, so check in every so often if you're interested.

I'm also really enjoying trading patterns ( thanks, Khristie!). It's been a great way to exchange some of my smaller patterns for larger ones I might actually use, and know the patterns I give up are going to a good home.

How do you gals/gents decide which patterns get to live with you?

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