Friday, April 8, 2011

See & Sew 5157

I know I said I'd show you after I finished the blouse, but I couldn't wait. It's just too awful not to share ;)

I cut out the shirt on Wednesday, and I'm hoping to get a chance to sew it up tomorrow. The pattern's sitting on the fabric I used. It's a light weight cotton with a big watercolour print that sadly was not 100% colour fast. I managed to cut around most of the dye leaks though. Hideous styling aside, I actually do think this is a really cute shirt. Try just focusing on the top portion:

Better, right? I think it would look best with a nipped waist, full skirt. I don't actually have one of those right now, mind you. If the shirt works out, I guess we know what my next project is?

So I handed in my final essay for one class today. I've got two classes finished, two to go. Almost there!

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