Monday, April 4, 2011

My mom is an awesome lady

Beyond being fun, supportive and generally pretty great, she owns a vintage jewellery store and finds me the neatest things in her travels. This was a recent gift from her:

I love the little dog pin! Hes entirely hand stitched out of felt and has the cutest little safety pin sewn onto his back. I like that whoever made it chose black thread on the white felt. I think it gives it such a charming handmade craft look. And his little bow! And eyelashes! Okay, I need to go calm down from the cuteness. Look at this a minute:

The buckle is Bakelite, and just amazing. Its about 3” wide, which is great since I have a few 1” buckles but they just look dwarfed on my frame. It’s even in one of my Spring colours (it's kind of a golden orange in person)!

Thanks, Mom!

In other news, one class down, three to go! I'm almost done my BFA!

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