Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Adventures in Vintage Shopping

I may not be able to get much crafting done right now, but that doesn't seem to have stopped me shopping! I recently went on one of my favourite thrifting/vintage runs and picked up some lovely loot.

This fabric is actually an old house dress I'm going to take apart and make into a little spring top. I love that it says "it's spring tra la la"! I might use See & Sew 5157 which I picked up at the same time and I think could have a 50's vibe when tucked into a nipped waist skirt. If you just looked up this pattern, let's not talk about the styling. Or the shorts pattern. Yikes. I'll show you the original after I show you my finished one ;)

Beyond some 70s patterns I picked up at the thrift store I also got an amazing Vogue pattern from 1957 and a couple of late 50s or 60s Advance patterns at 69 Vintage Collective. The Advance ones are sadly tiny, about 10 inches smaller than I need, but I absolutely love them. I actually have a mail order pattern very similar to the Loretta Young's Choice pattern in a 44 bust. Maybe I'll give it a go?

I found these great cups hanging in the bagged housewares section at the local Value Village. Brian's always telling me it pays to check the bags, and I'm trying to make a habit of it. It paid off this time! The red mug is a made in Canada Melmac piece. I'm a casual collector of Melmac right now. The colours are just so wonderful. The two pink cups are Harmony House Town & Country by Simpsons-Sears & Simpson's. They aren't quite as nice, less hefty and the handles are a bit sharp, but still make a striking pair. I like how the three look together and I'll have to think of a neat way to display them, since I won't be using them for tea (I don't like the idea of hot liquid in plastic).

And now back to homework... Just six more days!

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