Monday, April 4, 2011

In which I am a bit behind, but still hopeful...

And that applies to so many things. I still need to put the finishing touches on a web-based paper about vintage sewing due tonight, which I may post here if it turns out well.

In sewing news, I'm both very behind, and shifting things around a bit. You may remember that I carefully muslined the bodice for my Crepe dress, then it ended up on the back burner. One issue I had was fabric choice. The vintage cotton print I chose was a little too firm, and I'm worried it won't drape very well.

So I'm going to do some fabric searching in the stash for something appropriate. I have 4.5 yards of some nice green/gold/brown rayon that would make it a very cute fall dress. It's only a 43" width though. Maybe something in a lighter print? Crepe just needs so much yardage! Did you make it, and did you find you used as much yardage as called for? I'm a shorter gal who likes a knee-length skirt, so I often find I can get away with a little less...

As for the awesome fabric, I think it might do better as this. The pattern is simplicity 6194 from 1965 in a rare 44" bust. It might be the only vintage pattern I have in my actual size. I'm thinking of giving it a go for Pattern Review's upcoming vintage contest. You're allowed to muslin before the contest starts, so that'll give me a chance to see if this is even feasible. I keep hearing that vintage patterns are too small in the waist, but that doesn't look like it's going to be a problem. I'm more concerned about the bust darts pointing about 3 inches above my actual one. Eek.

I can totally see myself wearing that dress all the time. I can be pretty period specific too, since my fabric is vintage (though I'm not sure from when), I have vintage buttons and zipper, and I'm going to construct it using my 1964 home-ec textbook! The only thing not-vintage will be my trusty Kenmore sewing machine, which desperately needs a cleaning and oiling.

Just one more week, dear readers, and my life is mine again!

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