Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Somebody's Been Time Traveling...

It wasn't me, but it feels like it could have been with my recent vintage scores. Of course, if I could time travel, I'd be a lot less worried about the paper I have due tomorrow and am currently not working on. Oops. I also wouldn't have been so mired in midterms that I haven't managed to do any crafting other than a bit of long term knitting in the last month. Painful to say the least. So here's some neat pictures to tide you over until the craft and art start flowing again.

This first beauty is something I've been searching for a while for: a 1920s sewing guide! This edition is actually from 1930, but the book was first printed in 1927. I think that counts.

And get a look at these ladies! Great clothes, yes? The book itself is black and white with sparse illustrations, but there's a little Singer add section in the middle in two colours. I plan to scan more of it as I go through.

I bought this circa 1938 booklet for the cover before I had a chance to flip through it. I was a little sad to find it mostly full of ads for all-bran and ways to stay regular. Was this a major problem in the past? All my vintage magazines seem to be full of similar ads. Still a great cover though; thinking of framing it.

This knitting booklet is part of a lot of four I just scored on eBay (which I was in no way shopping on instead of writing other papers... nope). The other three are women's pattern books, and I have a seperate post planned for them.

There's no date in the booklet, but don't you just love the vintage manly style? And boyish style. Hey, that kid looks awful familiar...

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