Friday, March 11, 2011

Invite me to your next fancy party?

I need somewhere to wear my new fascinator!

Yesterday was a sick day, and I just can't have nothing to work on, so I whipped this baby up from some feathers I got on Queen Street, a teardrop base from SquirlGirl on etsy, a doodad from my mom, and a piece of wool felt. Also a clip and some thread. I started by sewing on a hair clip to the underside, then lining the top of the base with matching red wool felt. I then individually sewed on the feathers in rows, adding some shorter ones pointing down at the end to hide the last stitching line. Then I stuck on this neat 60s rhinestone stud made with Czech crystals. It is endlessly awesome having a mom who sells vintage jewellery. Mostly because she didn't think I was insane when I ran upstairs looking for something to finish this off with.

Here it is on the scary pink head, so you can see the feathers a bit better. I kind of love this thing. Maybe a little too much. I'm not sure I needed to be wearing it while making chicken soup this afternoon... You know me, making cooking fancy.

1 comment:

Jenny said...

Oooh, that's really cool! I, too, need somewhere to wear such a creation, though. :-) Maybe a little feather clip would work for me....