Friday, November 19, 2010

A Very Tiny FO

It was my second cousin's first birthday about a week ago, and also the start of cold weather here in Toronto. I figured a hat was in order!

It's a very simple crocheted tam with a little pink flower sewn on. I used a ball of not-scratchy brown wool I had in my stash (35 grams and I used every inch) and a bit of pink alpaca I had left over from knitting my Scroll Lace Scarf. I will eventually weave in the ends and block that scarf, then you can see it in all its pale pink glory. Coincidentally, the pattern's on sale this week on Ysolda's blog.

It seemed plenty big when I was making it, but it was almost too small for the bean when I gave it to her! Luckily, all the decreasing is in the pink section, so all I had to do was give it a good tug to stretch it out. Every so often alpaca's tendency to grow can be a good thing!

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