Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ikea for Fabric?

Our couch died a few days ago. It's no longer is so much a couch as a pile of rubble with a cushion on top and some arm rests. So we started our new couch quest with a look at the Ikea website, which is apparently full of interesting fabric. I know I've gotten some very nice fabric there in the past for sewing bags and the like, but the new stuff they have up on the website is just fabulous. Best of all, a lot of it looks to be quilting weight instead of upholstery, and way less expensive than a lot of quilting fabric with quirky prints.
I think this bird print is the one Zoe used for her lovely Bird Blouse. At $2.99 a yard, some of this may follow me home next time I'm there.
This citrus floral from the same line would be great for a dress for my little second cousin, or a spring apron for me. Mind you, I use my aprons more for printmaking than baking... A blouse maybe? It would also be a great base for a spring quilt.
Some of the other fabrics I just like because they're so different. I'm not sure what I'd make out of them, but the thought of being able to redo my couch covered in song birds is pretty great. Mostly I like the idea that great fabric pops up where it's unexpected. It has the potential to make the already dangerous trip to Ikea that much more tempting.
None of the fabrics are available online, but you can click any of the images to check if they're in stock at your local(ish) store. Or just keep the textile section in mind next time you need a new fold out futon.

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khriste B said...

Ooh, I have song bird fabric curtains, it's very bright and sunny and matches the screenprints I have hanging around the place. I love ikea fabrics and only wish I had more curtains and bedspeads that needed to be made.
I suggest a few large tote bags for grocery shopping!