Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Smaller Project on the Go

So, as you've probably noticed, I really like making things for my little second cousin. She is totally adorable and awesome, but also managed to come along at the right time in my crafting career for me to actually finish projects.

A while ago I came across a giant collection of children's patterns from the early 60s. Even though I don't usually do kids' patterns, these were completely irresistible. Some of the 8-12 year old stuff is just amazing. I want it in my size! There were only a couple patterns for the 2 year old set (the bean's only 1, but growing FAST), including the slips, nighties and bloomers above. Who makes a slip for a 2 year old? Apparently mom's in the 60s.

I thought, given the right fabric, View 3 would be super cute as a jumper in winter and a sundress in summer. Looks pretty cute already, right?

I had this floral cotton print in my stash. I have no idea where or when it's from, but I think it used to be my mom's? She doesn't remember it either though, so it really could be anything. The print reminds me of the 70s children's picture books I had growing up (I'm from the second batch of cousins, lots of hand-me-downs). I fell in love with the print, but before I prewashed it had this weird stiff, shiny surface. After a run through the washing machine it's so much softer and looks like normal dress weight cotton. I was surprised to find I had enough fabric to also cut out the little bloomers! No ruffles though... Those strike me as a tad impractical if there isn't a party dress needing some serious pouffing.

I was all set to start sewing Monday night after getting my Sew-Along stuff finished for the day, but I found I need some elastic, green thread and seam binding. I haven't had to buy any notions for a specific project in ages, they're usually just lying around. Maybe I'll actually bother getting the piping for Brian's pyjamas while I'm at it? I'd really like to have those finished for Christmas eve.

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