Thursday, January 3, 2013

First Make of 2013

I finished my first ever Scout Woven Tee at about 3am January 2nd, making it the first completed project of 2013. You may remember the fabric, which I originally said was 1 meter, but ended up being about 1.5. It's kind of sad that just under two years is a pretty short stay in my stash at the moment. I really need to sew some of that down.

Here's a closeup of the neckline. It lies more or less flat, and when I'm not awkwardly trying to photograph my own neck the bias neck binding doesn't show at all.

Here's the run down:

Size Made: 18
Alterations: 3" FBA, could have stood another inch, added with a dart. I also did what I'm calling a Fat Upper Arm Adjustment, or FUAA, to add half an inch to the sleeves. Without this, I may have needed to be cut free from the shirt. French seams all around.
Fabric: Open-weave possibly cotton/linen blend, 1.5 meters
New Skills: Setting in sleeves, edgestitching facings, French seaming curves.
Total Cost: About $9.50 including fabric, pattern and thread. I borrowed my mom's printer, so I'm not counting that.
Verdict: I need about 20 of these. 

Special thanks to Brian's sister Alina for the first photo, and their parents' kitchen for the location.

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ladybird57 said...

You look so good in this - you have inspired me to make one once I have finished my current project. I am in the process of making the tiny pocket tank - muslin version 3 - I need an extra inch and a half around the bust.