Monday, December 31, 2012

Goodbye, 2012!

I'm not too big on resolutions, but one thing I definitely want for next year is to spend more effort on this blog. With that in mind, I used my new year's coupon and enrolled in the Shoot It! A Product Photography Primer Craftsy class. Bad photographs are the major reason I don't post as many finished projects as I'd like, and I figured it was time to actually do something about my half-there skills.

In the same vein, I decided to try not being afraid of bust darts after the unblogged Tiny Pocket Tank disaster. Apparently I would need double darts to accommodate 6 inches of difference without horrible little pucker point thingies? Two darts being bad enough, I decided to try doing a darted FBA on a Scout Tee. Here it is all cut out in some wild print cotton/linen and waiting to be sewn. FYI, I have not actually begun that photography class yet.

The tissue fit looked okay, and I checked the size with a similar shirt I have that fits and that also looked okay, but I still totally believe it could go horribly wrong at any moment... Tune in next year to find out.

In other news, my Etsy shop now has a Facebook Page, with a discount coupon for fans. The 15% off Boxing Week Sale, which can be combined with the Facebook coupon, ends tonight at midnight EST.

I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday, and have a blast ringing in the New Year tonight!

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