Monday, August 2, 2010

Frock by Friday™: The Anda Frock

I decided to go for the Frock by Friday™: The Anda Frock, mostly because I've owed Emma one for a couple of months now... I'm kind of bad at finishing things for other people. You may already know this about me.

Anyway, she wants one based on a letter (the mail kind). She sent a photo along of a dress someone else had made, which I promptly lost by saving it somewhere I will never be able to find again. The big thing I remember about that one was that it was all done in paint, and I wanted to do something a bit different. So I've been trying to work out interesting ways to do things like stamps and addresses so intently that I've neglected to work on actually making the dress. I think I'm just going to suck it up and embroider the thing. Maybe some quilting?

I've been really interested in the Airmail dress by Hussein Chalayan, which I found while looking for inspiration for this dress. It would definitely be great to mail the dress off to Emma wrapped up in itself.

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