Saturday, July 31, 2010

New Idea, and I'm in a Show!

I have an idea for a curatorial art/writing/web piece. Working out the details right now, but I think I can get it going soon. If you know my work, or read my project blog from 2009, Significant Objects, you know I'm somewhat obsessed with memory keeping and the objects we choose to carry with us. The project I have in mind would take the form of a fictional family archive, documenting a quest to find meaning in the present through the objects of the past, and the past's reaction to this attempt at organization. Should be fun.

For now, you can come see my bookwork A1 at Love Me Two Times Vintage during August as part of the printmaking group show RePrint, put on by the InPrint Collective. You are so very invited to the opening if you're in the Toronto area. Here's a sneak peek of the piece, which is much more alive in person:

The title comes from the number on this vintage laundry tag I used on the cover.

Each of the three pages of the book is a different child's dress, which has been taken apart, printed onto kozo then sewn back together. I was inspired by baby memory books and the tendency of mothers to keep their children's tiny first clothes. Each dress is removable from the book and can hang as a separate sculpture.

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