Sunday, April 19, 2009

Real (and Recent) Photos: Coming Soon

It seems my dad is going to donate his old digital camera to my photo improvement endeavours. Soon I will have actually clear photos of projects. Now if I could only find working batteries anywhere in the house...

In the meantime, these are some scans/photos of my final project in photo-based printmaking last term. I'm really happy with how it turned out. The book is a log of every home I've ever lived in. It's backed in different really pretty quilting fabrics I got from The Workroom, but you can't really tell in these pictures.

Home Front Cover Web

This is the front cover with me (in the stroller) and my dad standing in front of the first house I can ever remember living in. It's printed with an inkjet printer on treated cotton that holds the ink permanently after heat-setting. I then embroidered the word Home and set it into the hoop with a foamcore backing.

Home Interior Web
The yellow prints were done with pronto plates and are maps of the different areas I've lived in. The brown images were printed the same way, and are of all the houses I've lived in. Green embroidery connects them to their location on the maps.

Home Back Cover Web
This is the back cover, printed the same as the first, and shows the last place I lived at the time I made the book. I no longer live there for various reasons, but it was very fun while it lasted. Check out Bike Pirates if you ever need to fix your bike, they are awesome bike magician types. They were great neighbours too.
Part of why I enjoyed this project so much was that it let me examine my feelings about various times in my life, and how much those feelings were connected to where I lived. We moved a fair bit while I was growing up, and I'm not done moving yet. Even the places I lived in for a very short time have a powerful ambiance about them, especially in regards to my memories of those times.
Since I've already moved again, I'm thinking of working this into a set of books. That way I can just keep adding to them as my printing style evolves and my habitat changes.

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Xe.V. said...

I love-love-love this! can we do a map-themed show instead of the animal one?