Saturday, June 2, 2012

This was going to be a post about pie...

This pie. It's a pretty excellent recipe. I halved the sugar and used unrefined raw sugar instead of white, so mine was a little more golden brown than white. And full of strawberries to go with the rhubarb. It was lovely. 

Then I lost my camera. So no pie pictures. It's got to be around the house somewhere, so when I find it, you'd better believe there's gonna be pie. In photo form at least.

Until then, here's a cool vintage pattern to look at. I love the back wrap on this one. The ric rac trim is also pretty great. I really want to figure out how to incorporate it into some of my sewing projects without things getting too over the top.

Also, because it's the weekend and I felt like it, everything's 15% off in my shop with the code 15OFFSALE

Next week we hopefully return to your regularly scheduled blog updates. Have a great weekend, everyone!

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khristie B said...

What a pretty dress. I am about to go totally OTT with ric rac and put a few rows of fabulous colours on the bottom of a full skirt. A little Frieda inspired.