Saturday, March 3, 2012

February Round Up

February was a little... embarrassing in terms of fibre intake. Although I finally picked up my knitting needles again and cleared a couple projects, one of them a long-term UFO, I only managed one single yard skirt on the sewing front (pictures soon!). Of the fabric that came in, 5.5yd were quilting cotton, 4yd were a $2.50 goodwill find that will be perfect for backing quilts, 4yds were two vintage sheets for yet another quilt, and 1.75 were vintage sheet fat quarters from Vintage Sheet Variety on Etsy. Lest you think I'm just sitting on a giant pile of fabric, I've already taken a pretty big dent out of the stash in March. Hopefully that will make up for some of it. The rest should be helped along by a little sewing challenge me and Vancouver Emma have going on to coincide with Grainline's Handmade Wardrobe Spring 2012. More on that soon.

To the numbers!        

          Out           In         Year to Date

Fabric:   -1yd       15.25yd      +14.25yd
Yarn:    -107g        0g             -107g
UFOs:   -1             0               -1


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