Thursday, September 29, 2011

Flying Geese

With my first quilt still endlessly in progress, I decided it was maybe time to try my hand at machine piecing for a break. As lovely as English Paper Piecing is, those little hexagons take forever.

The Purl Bee's mini quilt for July caught my eye when it first went up, and I even picked out the fabric right away. I found the pile two days ago, and went to work cutting out the pieces. The next day I went out and bought a rotary cutter so I would never have to cut that many little squares by hand with my shears again. I sure do like doing things the hard way.

About halfway through last night my sewing table looked like this.

And this morning I finished up 10 (almost) perfect little stacks of geese. Now I just have to arrange and sew the blocks, sew them to each other, find some batting, learn how to quilt... But for now I'm happy to just pet the little triangles every so often.

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