Monday, August 1, 2011

Birthday Dress in Progress

I've been planning this dress since April, and finally got to start it on Friday. It would have been a lot further along if I'd taken some recent weight gain into account before cutting my fabric. As is, I had to rip out the side seams and resew at 1/4" instead of 5/8".  It's still a little snug, but much better than it was. it may also be so snug because the dress was cut on the cross-grain, which I think would have less give? I only bought 2 yards of the main fabric, and cutting it sideways was the only way to get both body pieces. The nice thing is that I get to use the selvage as the hem.

I used a contrasting fabric from the same line for the neck bands and for the tie belt. I really like how the purple tones in both prints help to harmonize the patterns. Originally I wanted to make a bottom band out of the same fabric, which would have let me cut on the straight grain, but I really didn't like how that much brown overpowered the floral print.

Here's a close up of the V-neck, which I didn't quite manage to line up perfectly when cutting. I usually wear the V to the back on my other versions of this dress, so it really doesn't bother me too much. It's also much less noticeable in person. I am seriously in love with both these prints.

Fabric: Anna Maria Horner Innocent Crush line Bubble Burst in Rich and Turn of Events in Plum
Photo Location: Backyard

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