Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hello there!

It's been a while, hasn't it? The holiday season was a bit more than I could handle so close to losing my dad, and coming back to school this semester is also proving rougher than expected. It's strange how during something awful I can function more or less ok, but afterwards I just want to fall to pieces. That said, crafting has not progressed as I would have liked, nor has home-cleaning or art making. Makes for a quiet blog.

I finally got around to photographing the scroll lace scarf I made a while back, which I wasn't wearing much at first but am falling in love with as time goes on. It's so cold in Toronto right now that I'm doubling up my scarves! But I am, by all accounts, a wimp at weather.

I tried to hang it up the way I usually wear it. It's the underscarf of my two scarf plan. Being super soft baby llama makes it silky and warm.

I didn't end up blocking it afterwards, since I like the organic feel of the unblocked lace. It's also knit in a garter stitch pattern, so it needs less opening up.

More things coming up as we return to our regularly scheduled updates.

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