Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Step One...

An hour a day to my own projects. I can entirely squeeze that in. I am also trying to make all of my projects at OCAD things I want to make anyway. The little octopus above is on its way to being a print project, and I finally made my “Damn you, Ginsberg” poster. I’ve really got to get my hands on the scanner at school. Carolina at Lipstik Indie wants a scan of Shoebox, and I’d like to document Burroughs before he gets all dirty or sold or gifted.

I’ve been looking into applying for an exchange to Emily Carr for a semester next fall. I think I need a change of scenery and it would be great to see Emma L. more. I could also go for some absence of snow. I don’t like this winter business at all, even if it is pretty. A little snowfall and all the crap of the city gets erased. It’s too bad the crap is what I find most interesting.

Winter just means five months of no Chinese cigarette packs, no lost negatives from high school photography classes and no scavenged transfers. Whatever shall I do?

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